Sharon Bryan & Robert Sharman

Waterfront Condo

We have been working with the team at Kimberly Williams Interior Design for almost a year now and are very pleased. Our developer introduced KWI to us, based on their excellent reputation. This was reinforced as whenever we mentioned their names in Victoria – we continued to be surprised by how well they were known, and how every response was positive.

Our project is a second home for us In Victoria – we live full time in Vancouver. The distance was a concern for us – as we really wanted to be a part of the process, and we are very particular in what we wanted to achieve. Our relationship has been very collaborative – allowing each of us to participate fully. We liked the balance that was created by allowing us to have what we wanted – while at the same time being ‘challenged’ to think of different colours, fabrics and design choices.

We also were very pleased by how the team at KWI worked. Most of our interaction was with Lindsay – who was great. We were also pleased how Kimberly herself would be there to offer her experience and point of view.

We have owned several homes over the years, and worked with other designers, and because of the work we’ve done with KWI this one is our favourite.