Ellen Price

We first worked with Kimberly building our home in Brentwood Bay 8 years ago. We have since used her services for designing live edge dining room furniture and are now working with her on another new home. Her service has always been timely and professional. Her ability to define our vision and design custom interiors has been outstanding and we get excited about the wonderful ideas she has. In our current home, strangers have asked us for the exterior colours, and those who been inside consistently compliment and express their amazement at the beauty and warmth of the interior.

Our home recently sold in a few days for full price and again, the interior provided the “wow” factor and was a major selling point. The cost of KWI services was small compared to the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars of value added. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kimberly and her team to anyone looking for custom finishing to their home.